I am happy to be a committee member for a graduate student's M.A. thesis or Ph.D. dissertation. However, I serve as the primary adviser only for the students who: 1) have taken my graduate-level course of Latin American Governments and Politics, 2) have received basic training in statistical analysis, and 3) have strong intention for pursuing a Ph.D. degree.

List of my Ph.D.degree advisees:

In progress

Gutierrez, Erick. “Cross-Pacific Divide: Japan’s ODA towards Mexico”

Pérez Romero, Paula. "Transitional Justice and Partisan Affective Polarization in New Democracies"



List of my MA degree advisees:


Jerzewski, Marcin Mateusz. "The Politics of Subnational Inequality: Cases of Argentina and Indonesia."


Guillermo, Berganza. "Colonial Legacies and Democratic Development in Latin America and the Caribbean (1982-2018)."


Goffinet, Hadelin. "China's Infrastructure Investments in Sub-Saharan Africa (2001-2019)."

Lui Lam, Carolina. "Explaining Invalid Voting in Latin America (1916-2018)."

Pinto, Denise. "Gender Inequality, Ethnic Cleavages, and Economic Growth in Latin America."

Quintanilla, Adolfo. "Anti-Corruption Agency and the Perception of Corruption: A Case Study of Guatemala (2008-2018)."

Ramandani, Milot. "Political Corruption and European Union Enlargement."


Peralta Rojas, Emelyn. "Gender Quota Laws, Egalitarian Institutions, and Women’s Political Representation in Latin America."


Maria Gabriela Alfaro. "Birth Rate, Income Inequality, and Economic Development in Latin America and the Caribbean Region: A Case of Honduras."

徐子堯,「衝突選民與投票參與- 以台灣2004-2016總統選舉為例」。